Story & Song is a call for creative people in The Brethren Church to submit work from their God-given talents and passions for the betterment of the entire body. The Brethren Church is calling for songs, lyrics, stories, essays, paintings, photographs, sculptures, poetry and more. We believe that the Church needs a creative outpouring. We believe the Church has a new song. We believe that God has placed more talent and giftings in our movement than we are aware of. 

Story & Song will seek to gather our creatives together, collaboratively creating corporate worship albums, and exhibiting artistic work. We'll foster the development of abilities, collaborative times and more as the movement grows. For our initial call in 2017/2018, we're calling for submissions through December 31, 2017. We will gather submissions and create a corporate worship album, and an exhibit of all other art at General Conference 2018. 

Any submissions received after the 2017 deadline will be a part of the process for 2018. For a list of themes/prompts to assist you in getting started on your submission, click here.

Rules / Guidelines

check-mark.pngWe suggest submitting works that exemplify some of the Biblical themes or values that Brethren have historically been identified by: simplicity, peace, humility, etc. check markYou are encouraged to submit partial works, especially in the songwriting category. Full songs, hooks/choruses, one-liners, chord progressions and melody lines are all welcome as submissions.  pdf.pngView Full List of Rules & Guidelines
check-markSelections from the songwriting category will favor corporate worship, both in lyrics and in style.  check markPlease include a chord progression document with your submission, either in notation or in Nashville number style.
check-markAll works should be submitted through digital medium. For physical works of art, please submit a digital picture, and if selected for use, we’ll make arrangements for the actual piece.


Upload requirements
Submission Agreement
By submitting your work to Story & Song, you are agreeing to relinquish any copyright claims on the work. You are agreeing to release any claims on compensation or profit, both for the original submission and any final work that may be created through this process. Further, you acknowledge that Story & Song is a collaborative effort, and as such, your work may be modified, sampled, used, deconstructed or combined with other works. You are releasing all intellectual rights on the work to The Brethren Church. The Brethren Church will properly credit authors of any submission that gets used or released.